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Classpass now in Dubai, but it’s still Guavapass for me!

Just yesterday I published my very first post, thinking I should do this weekly or maybe monthly. Some of you told me to write when I feel like writing and here I am today tapping away on my keys after a very fulfilling breakfast: Poha along with organic yogurt mixed with honey and a variety of nuts and seeds.

I was at the beach this morning at Palm Jumeirah. Got a bit of a workout in on a kayak booked through Classpass. I usually try to get an intense HIIT session in the mornings but I’m signed up for my first Spartan race tomorrow and my body needs the rest! Alas we have Classpass! That’s what I can ramble on about today!

Launched last month in Dubai if you have not signed up yet (today was the last day for the 1-month free trial I’m afraid) GET ON NOW! Fitness platforms are not a new thing; before Classpass I have been using Guavapass for the past two years. These platforms aggregate hundreds of group classes for a fixed monthly membership fee. Guavapass changed my life by introducing me to all sorts of yoga, HIIT classes, indoor cycling, boxing and more. All for a fixed fee of a few hundred dirhams every month which would have cost me double or triple to go for individual classes or studio packages. These apps offer VARIETY and keeps you on the move for a healthy lifestyle which many people don’t enjoy enough of today. Both Classpass and Guavapass offer different studios (many are on both) and different monthly packages to suit your needs. I can not recommend them enough!

I prefer Guavapass over Classpass for now because Classpass works on a credit system where you get 200 credits a month to spend on classes which may range from 8-18 credits. The good classes are higher but since it’s all very new, I find some too high. Guavapass limits your visits to a single studio to 3 times in a month, but you can do unlimited classes. You tend to find 7-8 different studios which you prefer and stick to those. I found in my 1 month free trial I could do only 15 classes on Classpass whereas on Guavapass I could and would do 20-25 in a month. Guava has been around for years so they have many more studio partners, and they also operate in many Asian cities where your membership is also active. I’ve done classes in Hongkong and Mumbai when I have to travel, it’s very convenient. It’s a matter of time to see which one is a better offering, how they compete with each by adjusting their pricing and partners.

I first started going to Bikram yoga classes with my sister at the very start of my fitness journey. I’ve come a long way since then! My sister has been doing her RYT 200 (registered yoga teacher training) and almost done with the course. She has inspired me to take this up as well early next year! In addition I will be training to become a certified indoor cycling class instructor a month from now. This all complements the personal training courses I have just completed and hopefully soon I will be instructing different sorts of fitness classes all around Dubai on Guavapass and Classpass!

Get in touch if you have any questions!

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