Here I am posting again just two days after my last post. Writing is addicting! On Friday I took part in my first Spartan Race, without any particular preparation but just good overall fitness. I signed up for the SPARTAN SPRINT consisting of about 6km distance and 20-odd obstacles, through the rugged mountains of HATTA. Hats off to those who managed the Spartan Super (13km and 25 obstacles)!

Firstly let me say running that distance on a rocky/sloped terrain is not just difficult but very dangerous! I can’t count how many times I landed awkwardly on my foot, which without proper stretches and correct joint mobility would have been DISASTROUS! Just before starting our race we witnessed someone jump over one of the final obstacles, slip and let out HEARTBREAKING screams.

I did expect to walk through some mud during the course. What I did not expect was CRAWLING through mud, fully flat on the ground and UNDER BARBED WIRE. This is MODERN WARFARE! I’ve just noticed now theres still dried mud stuck in some cavity of my fitness tracker! The most difficult of the obstacles for me was carrying a 40lb (I swear it felt like 40kg) sandbag down and up an uneven rocky hill. After that I was surprised at myself for managing rope climb to ring a bell before a stone carry and monkey bars obstacles. At the end I was proud of myself for clearing all the obstacles, as I just wasn’t in the mindset for 30 burpees. That was the PENALTY for failing or skipping an obstacle. The was very good energy between all the racers, joking and struggling all along together. Our group was more focused on getting through the obstacles safely rather than competing for time. Our time was just over 2 hours, whereas the fastest time for the Spartan Sprint was 30m 25s. LOTS of work to put in for the next one!

Shout-out to Spartan Arabia and Dubai Sports Council you guys were TERRIBLE! For the price we paid (around AED 500) the venue and race was good, but there was no signage at all for registration or the race itself. The lines for the toilets and bag drop-off were ridiculous and like a flea market and so badly managed, we had no choice but to give up. The showers after we were done RAN OUT OF WATER, after crawling through mud this was a NIGHTMARE. Attaching a couple of shattaf’s to a ground pipe was a very timely and uncomfortable experience for all. NOBODY even came to help that poor chap that hurt himself, for quite a while. 👎🏻👎🏻

Overall this was a good experience for all of us and we will sign up for more races and obstacles courses in the future. Premier Online has a huge list of upcoming events in the region, check it out and let me know if theres something you’d be interested in trying!

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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