Sober living

It’s now been a month in which I haven’t had a drink. I say ‘a drink’ specifically because there have been social occasions (maybe 4 or 5) where I have had a sip or two of wine, beer or hard liquor from someone else for taste. In my past 12 years of heavy drinking at least once a fortnight without fail, there was a period of 1 month or so last summer where I quit to challenge my willpower. I was able to pull it off, but the rebound hit hard. I have made very stupid decisions in my life under the influence.

This time is different.

One year into my journey of health and fitness, I can physically and mentally feel the difference without alcohol. Physically: stronger, noticeable growth and lower fat accumulation. Mentally: clearer head and constant positive mindset. I have had zero temptation to drink because I know (we all do) the negative effects it has, even in small doses, over the short and long term. I don’t want it to affect the gains I strive to achieve every day to reach my goals.

We all say over and over again after a big night that ‘I’m done’, ‘enough is enough’, ‘I’m never drinking again‘. Now it’s time to act! It helps to have the support from friends and family which in the past I never realized would actually exist. More people are positive about this change and proud of my choices compared to a few years ago. It is no doubt difficult in the beginning to have the same social circles but it gets easier with time as I stand firm!

I’m not making any promises or swearing off alcohol for good. I like the way this is going and I’m not sure if this is only a phase. For the first time I’m repelled by alcohol, it’s taste and the usual accompaniments of sugar, unhealthy food choices and even smoking. I just found out there’s a name for people that abstain from alcohol. They’re called teetollers and I find that to be really weird.

The festive season is upon us, it’s usually around this time where events and drinking are at their peak for the next few months. I hope to stay strong and come back with positive updates. I encourage you to give this a shot (and not HAVE a shot) as well!

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