2018 Khalas. Yallah 2019!

That was quick! 🗓

Doesn’t every year fly by? How often does someone say otherwise, ‘that took forever’ or ‘I’m glad that’s done’? Not often. Right?? I should have an IG poll: Did you have a good 2018? I’m curious about the results. For those who didn’t have a good year you can strive for positive changes in this one, what else? Nonetheless, time flies and now is a good time to reflect, re-energize and start setting some goals!

Goal? Shu goal habibi? 🥅

What is a goal how do I reach it why is this so difficult? It’s really not!


In my coaching education I came across SMART goals more than once. A goal has to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Check out this link which explains this further and has some great tips to get you started. The first and most important step is breaking goals down into micro-goals.

Through IIN I have just recently started working with an accountability coach. We help each other identify goals, action plans and motivate one another with routine meetings and calls. It’s been less than one month and I feel good about my progress already!

Everybody needs a coach

Bill Gates says so. There is a huge misunderstanding to what coaching really is. A good coach will not only guide you towards success in your endeavors but even help to discover what these endeavors or aspirations may be. These could be related to one’s health, career, fitness, spirituality or even relationships. With a good coach as a strong partner, you have another set of eyes to give you perspective.

Sometimes there are pieces of a puzzle that you cannot find. Or the pieces are right in front of you, but you lack the motivation or courage to put it all together. Enter coach. The coach is not there to tell you what to eat and what not to eat. Nor are they going to tell you to do more abs or cardio to lose the belly fat (which by the way is not the answer). We all know the answers to our questions; we all have access to one of mankind’s greatest inventions: the internet.

With a coach you have someone to be accountable to, to do what needs to be done to take you ahead. We tell ourselves we need to make changes but they never come around. Inertia, ego or just lack of motivation can hold one back from exploring goal-setting and coaching. What’s the worst that could happen if you just try?

Let 2019 be filled with goals which will lead to greater success and happiness. Step out of the comfort zone and find a coach or partner that will enable you to achieve the unthinkable. Then let our accomplishments make us proud when we look back in 2020!🏅

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