My Gut-Brain Connection 🧠

It’s much easier to write immediately after something drastic happens, like my last post. Could it have been the steroids? I started working on a couple more health related topics since then, but did not get around to completing them. Is this ‘writer’s block’? After getting this one out, I’m going to get working on those. Nutrition information which YOU will find helpful! But first, ME!

I’m now approaching the 3-month mark since being diagnosed with MS. It’s been chill with the love and support from those close to me, I feel blessed… on most days. Surely, there are ups and downs. That’s life. The best response to “How are you doing?” I have is “No complaints!”  I’m doing everything in my power to win. Allopathy, homeopathy and extra vitamins keep everything under control. Allopathy uses drugs against the symptoms while homeopathy works in ways that causes the symptoms (fight fire with fire approach). Go figure. That doesn’t stop me from further research to eradicate this fuck. You can tell, from one look in the mirror, it lurks around waiting for an opportunity to mess with your head or flirt with the symptoms.

I’ve been reading more. ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ by Paul Kalanithi is a gripping autobiography I highly recommend. Née Sudhir, Paul was one of the best Neurosurgeons out there and his story is a literary masterpiece. Turns out Sudhir is also the name of my Neuro in India, which I read on the way to an appointment with him! Neurology is a brilliant science; our brains operate to connect everything. Did you know? Our brains consume 20% of the calories we consume but only make up 2% of our total body weight. When we dream in our sleep it continues to burn fuel, even more than when we are awake.

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Something I saw on Classpass screamed out to me recently. Neuropilates incorporates functional movements that stimulate different areas of the brain. Not enough research has been carried out but people with all sorts of auto-immune problems are turning to pilates and yoga with excellent results! Bodyhack has an interesting short course I might take up to add to my CPD: Brain-based fitness. Classpass also figured out that “loophole”  I talked about. Could it have been my fault? So I joined a gym membership for the time being. Alongside regular training, yoga with pranayama (breathing exercise) feels good 2-3 times a week with the occasional indoor spin.

Now for the highlight. Drumroll please.

March 9th Dubai, U.A.E.

“It’s my 30th birthday. I really don’t want to meet another doctor to tell him everything all over again, or show him my reports. It’s the last thing I want to do today. Give me a break.”

“Chand they called again, please go and see him, he just wants to check your pulse it will take 5 minutes.” my aunt insists.

“Okay, fine.”

I get there, to the 88th floor of Marina 23, to what seems to be the home of the buildings developer, Hiranandani. I’m told to wait in the lounge with my sister as people enter and leave as in a clinic. These guys must be legit. I’m called in and offered a seat. The Ayurvedic doctor humbly asks me “What seems to be the issue?”

“I was just told that you could check my pulse.”

Nothing further, he places three fingers on my wrist. A minute later asks to look at my tongue and down my throat.

“Looks like you have some Sclerosis issue, it’s auto-immune, I don’t want to scare you but are you aware of this?” he magically diagnoses me and asks.

Nadi-Pariksha is an examination of the pulse signals in Ayurveda which contain very useful information related to the human body, disorders and much more.

I explained to him the happenings in the last month or so.

Finally he says “..nothing to worry about, 2 weeks with us and we can restore your gut imbalances causing this.”

Millions of nerves and neurons run between your gut and your brain. Chemicals produced and the bacteria present affect your brain, in turn, the rest of your body. A book I was reading a while back, recommended by a very good friend, sparked my interest in this field and the human body. Gut by Giulia Enders  really was a fun read and paved ways to my nutrition and health education.

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It all makes sense. Gut imbalances can be caused by anything over any span of time. It all has to do with the human microbiome, which consists of tens of trillions of microbes (more than the human cells we have) in and on our bodies, mostly in the gut. The way we are brought into this world, whether through a vaginal delivery or a Caesarean section, also affects our microbiome. Yes it goes way back. What we have eaten our whole lives, the air we breathe, the nature we interact with, the soap we use all have an effect on our microbiome. Research  on how stress and mindset have an effect is ongoing.

Ayurvedic treatment involves resetting the gut bacteria, out with the bad and in with the good, with herbal medicines and oil massages over 2-3 weeks. I am very interested with no rush to commit but may go in the next few months to get this done. I’m more confident than ever. This kind of natural remedy is surely a better option to modern medicine.

Sadly, we don’t know how the food gets on to our plates today. So, as recommended, I’ve started taking prebiotic and probiotic supplement capsules, and one week in I can tell a positive difference. Everyone only talks about proteins, fats, carbs and vitamins. But the real party is going on in our gut and we cannot neglect it!


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