Ayurveda to the rescue

“The wise man learns to be fully aware of the presence of disorder in his body and then sets about to reestablish order. He understands that order is inherent in disorder and that return to health is thus possible.”Dr. Vasant Lad

Ayurveda 101: Health Benefits of 8 Common Spices and Herbs |

February 1st, 2020

It’s been over a year now since the start of the AI show. “Auto-Immune” but I prefer to look at it as “Artificial Intelligence”; we can’t see what goes on inside these giant supercomputer bodies we possess. Got problems? Doctors tell us one thing, other doctors tell us something else and “take the meds” will likely help in suppressing the symptoms and preventing further damage. Today is the day I’ve been thinking about for weeks. I “drop the meds”, the allopathy which I’ve felt enslaved to for one year.

What brought this about? Noticeably, the creeping return of one symptom since a few weeks. Nerves connecting to my left eye impairing perfect vision hence coordination. If I’ve been taking the meds why is it back? Will the doctors now increase the dosage or suggest completely new drugs? After another MRI? I think not. Let’s see what happens. Worst case: relapse and restart. However, even though I’m going cold turkey, I continue with holistic natural healing. A tiny nervous breakdown later and life carries on. In January, during yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, I did a short presentation for our anatomy class…

Ayurveda, which literally translates to ‘life sciences’ in Sanskrit, exists today after being passed down for thousands of years for good reason: it works. Modern medicine, a few hundred years, does not focus on solving problems but suppressing and relieving them. Don’t get me wrong, it also works but nature wins outright. Ayurveda goes deeper, into the root of the problem. According to Ayurveda, most health issues can be looked at as an imbalance in the body, which I first brought up here.

Our bodies are made up of three doshas or energies: vata, pitta and kapha – often one more dominant than the others and, like everything really, are made up of five basic elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. We are born with a certain constitution of these which with an imbalance can lead to disease. Dis meaning ‘deprived of’ and ease is well, ‘comfort’ so take the word with a pinch of salt. Do you have allergies or are there certain foods that don’t suit you? Is the sun not good for your skin? Do you prefer hot or cold climates? Do you like slow or fast-paced workouts? Ayurveda could explain these and guide you further so that you stay clear from from any danger. Diet is one part of it. Recommendations for lifestyle, routine and exercises (specific asanas too) vary person to person.

June 1st, 2020

After consultations with a few Ayuverdic doctors offering slightly different opinions, they all stand on common ground. There is no one-size-fits-all solution so this requires a hands-on approach. Eventually, choices suited to my body for diet, lifestyle and occasional plant-based medicine suffice. It’s a long race, but the age-old tortoise beats the young and unpredictable hare. The hare is also made in a lab and comes with warning labels.

Four months later and I’m still in the best case scenario, 99% but I want 100% to play tennis again for example. Yoga is a sister science of Ayurveda. With a few sessions of Yoga Therapy from my favorite yoga teacher in Rishikesh where I went to school, we’ve been doing a custom practice to strengthen the nerves with more of balancing movements. I look forward to continue exploring my yoga journey in India where I’ve said many times before, the best doctors also await. Go Corona Go. Like with everything, patience is key.

Something I started about a year ago first suggested from a video with Jay Shetty and his wife: using a tongue scraper. It serves to massage the tongue as well as internal organs that correlate with the different areas of the tongue. This may seem like TMI but it’s also where all the toxins build up and then move downwards into the gut. Get cleaning!

I’ve introduced a bunch of people to Ayurveda with great feedback. All it takes is a consultation with a qualified practitioner who can help with determining your original constitution and what changes you should be making to your life to see positive changes in your health, or just do an online test. Be open-minded.

2 thoughts on “Ayurveda to the rescue”

  1. Simply loved the article .
    Very thoughtfully and beautifully penned down.
    Ayurveda is the oldest and reliable . It has been tried n tested (wher modern science has failed.)
    I’m glad ppl still value this science . The best thing is it has no side effects …..
    Bravo!!!! Proud of u Chand


  2. As again, U wrote very well and made your reader aware of the situation U have been through. By practicing these age old and comparatively trusted sciences, u would have realised the importance of patience. And god. The super power which controls us all. Not an expert myself but I am sure the yoga and asanas are linked or are an extended arm of godliness . God make u strong and bless u with HIS abundance powers and energies.

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