Why I choose Pescetarianism

Pescetarianism means being vegetarian while still including seafood in your diet. If you told me a year ago I would stop eating chicken, pork, beef and lamb, I would have called you "retarded" without a blink. I would have reacted the same way most people do today, resenting the idea of a meat-free lifestyle. "I could… Continue reading Why I choose Pescetarianism



Here I am posting again just two days after my last post. Writing is addicting! On Friday I took part in my first Spartan Race, without any particular preparation but just good overall fitness. I signed up for the SPARTAN SPRINT consisting of about 6km distance and 20-odd obstacles, through the rugged mountains of HATTA. Hats… Continue reading THIS IS SPARTA! AROO! â›°

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Classpass now in Dubai, but it’s still Guavapass for me!

Just yesterday I published my very first post, thinking I should do this weekly or maybe monthly. Some of you told me to write when I feel like writing and here I am today tapping away on my keys after a very fulfilling breakfast: Poha along with organic yogurt mixed with honey and a variety… Continue reading Classpass now in Dubai, but it’s still Guavapass for me!


New life

Here goes! I'm new to this whole blogging/newsletter thing so bear with me! 🐻 I want to share with you happenings in my life and information which I hope you, my readers, will find useful and also entertaining. Hopefully the former more than the latter! If you're reading this you probably know me and know that… Continue reading New life