You need a good quality mat

Why? The same reason we have good quality food: it nourishes us. Physically and therefore mentally. Don't do yoga yet? No problem. Whether you need to meditate, do simple floor exercises or pranayama (breathing exercises) at home, finding comfort on a mat beats sitting on a cold hard bare floor that's not necessarily clean. One… Continue reading You need a good quality mat


We are all low in vitamins, chill.

A friend recently noted very somberly "It's an epidemic dude, vitamins D and B12 deficiency." The blood tests show this. I should be conscious about including more in my diet. I'll say it but I won't actually do it. I'll pop this multi-vitamin every day. Okay, maybe when I'm older or when something goes wrong.… Continue reading We are all low in vitamins, chill.


Collagen [college-in] and do I need it?

My sister randomly asked: "Bro what's collagen?" Stumped! I didn't have an answer for her! We all talk about carbs, proteins and fats, in that order even. Throw in some Vitamins: B-complex, D etc., which most of us need supplements for already. But what else is out there that's not on our radars? Here's one… Continue reading Collagen [college-in] and do I need it?


My Gut-Brain Connection πŸ§ 

It's much easier to write immediately after something drastic happens, like my last post. Could it have been the steroids? I started working on a couple more health related topics since then, but did not get around to completing them. Is this 'writer's block'? After getting this one out, I'm going to get working on… Continue reading My Gut-Brain Connection πŸ§ 

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Fitness Revolution

Last week news came out that Classpass acquired Guavapass! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Two months ago I had one of my first blogposts published about ClassPass entering the market here in Dubai, comparing it with GuavaPass. ClassPass, almost six years old founded in New York, have expansion plans across the globe and has acquired 3 year old baby… Continue reading Fitness Revolution